Amazon Store Management System
Amazon Store Management System
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: A system to manage Appointment
files included
: Codeigniter, Bootstrap, Jquery
  • Admin can upload excel or .tsv formatted plan
  • Admin can select row from the excel only which rows he/she wants to upload
  • Client only uploads a file, system automatically gets shipment id, project name, and items to be scanned to ship.
  • In a selected box client can scan barcode labels and the system calculates the number of items scanned for that box
  • Inline editable item qty
  • Can unbox if the item scanned by mistake
  • Skip scanning an item with reason
  • Can download excel report for a shipment
  • Can create master pick list so that they can match actual shipment with master pick list
  • Can create qrcode/pdf417 for each box
  • Can create label for each item
  • Can create qrcode/pdf417 for all the boxes in a shipment
  • Can create label for all the items in the list
  • Have option to print with Zebra printer
  • Settings: Can preset option for box types (ex: name, length, width, height)
  • Settings: Select barcode type that admin always wants to download
  • Settings: Preset few sizes so that barcode can be downloaded in that size.
  • Settings: Setup preplan
  • Settings: Zebra printer seetings (print size, number of copy etc.)
  • Settings: Can preset box naming type (ex: Admin can insert a box name or system will automatically input a name as instructed)
  • And many more...
  • Project Image
  • Project Image