Auto Garage Management System
Auto Garage Management System
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: A Garage Management System
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: Codeigniter, Bootstrap, Jquery
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Garage Owner
  • Any garage owner can subscribe by registering
  • Manage CLient (add, edit, active/inactive, create profile)
  • View detailed profile with history, internal messaging
  • Manage Mechanic (add, edit, active/inactive, tracking, profile)
  • View detailed profile with salary, task, working hour, day off's, hourly rate etc.
  • Manage vehicles (add, edit, price etc)
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Manage parts (add, edit, price etc)
  • Manage labour (add labour, edit, add labour rate)
  • Manage orders (send order, receive order, make payment)
  • Manage Quotation:
    • Create quotation for a client
    • Send to client
    • Client can accept, decline or reject the quotation
    • If quotation is accepted, it will automatically become a job assigned to a mechanic
  • Manage job:
    • Jobs can be created with multiple type of labour, each type named task
    • Parts can be needed during a task
    • For each task, a mechanic have to be assigned.
    • Multiple mechanic can be assigned for a job
    • A mechaninc can not be assigned if assigned schedule is not free or his off day.
    • Can see job status (if any task or all the task is done or not.)
    • Can create invoice directly from the job after completing all the task.
  • Manage Invoice:
    • An invoice will be generated from all completed task
    • Invoice amount and all rates will be automatically calculated
    • A new invoice can be created
    • Invoice can be sent to client via email and his/her profile
    • Can see due invoices
    • Can receive payment for invoices
  • Manage Reminder:
    • Invoice reminder: CLient will get reminder for due invoice
    • Servicing reminder: Client will get reminder before scheduled servicing date
    • Registration Reminder: Client will get reminder before scheduled registration expire date
    • Custom Reminder: Not scheduled but garage admin can send manually
  • Cost Management: Admin can manage other cost.
  • Garage admin can see a calender of all scheduled tasks.
  • Settings:
    • COmpany Details
    • Different Company Address
    • General Settings (Office timing, Off days, Terms & Condition, Time zone and markup)
  • More than 20+ reports
  • And many more...
  • Mechanic Can view his work schedule
  • Can view assigned work
  • Send requisition if new parts or new task needed
  • Add notes to a task
  • Mark 'running' if start doing a task
  • Mark as complete if task is done
  • Can Manage profile
  • Can view work history
  • And more...
  • A full detailed profile
  • Can accept, edit or decline Quatation
  • Can see current job status
  • Can add notes to the job
  • Can view his vehicle history
  • Will get automated service notifications
  • And more...